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Since centuries humans are striving to maintain a clean and healthy life style. Clean water and clean air plays an important role to achieve a healthy life for our families. We have been focusing in this direction..


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There are estimated 25,000 dryer vent fires every year started by clothes dryers. How can you protect your family and your home? Cleaning the lint trap is only the start.


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We specialize in post construction duct cleaning. No contract is too big or small and we are capable of providing same quality services to all our customers  



About Us

Delicatus Home Services is NADCA certified company was started with a vision to provide clean air and excellent indoor environment to every individual home owner. We have grown with a motto of “Clean and Healthy life”.

We at Delicatus Home Services put our customers at the highest priority to give them best possible services at reasonable costs. We are the fastest growing company in Ontario region for Air Duct cleaning.


What We Do

Delicatus Home Services Inc., is a team of courteous and dedicated professionals with experience of delivering guaranteed satisfaction and value of their money to every customer for the respective services (Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Furnace Cleaning, Central Vaccum Cleaning). We believe that, our service will speak about us.


Why Us

We use state- of-the-art technology that’s truck mounted and truck powered.
Air duct cleaning and vent cleaning is our only business.
We are fully insured with Liability and WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board).
We offer the best value of your money guarantee.
30 day guarantee- In case the customer is not satisfied we provide 30 day guarantee period to address the issues with our service.



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About Delicatus Home Services – Duct Cleaning Ottawa

Delicatus Home Services provides its clients with professional air duct cleaning services. The company focuses on duct cleaning in Ottawa for residential, commercial and industrial locations. We are one of Ottawa’s most popular HVAC system cleaners and vent cleaning experts. For years, Delicatus has been offering outstanding customer care and service to homeowners and business owners in Ottawa and its surrounding neighborhoods. We have a team of capable and skillful duct cleaning specialists in Ottawa that is always ready to deliver its quick, professional services to whoever needs it.
Delicatus’ Air Duct Cleaning Ottawa Services are available at affordable prices. As a brand, we are committed to offering our clientele the best quality of Duct Cleaning in Ottawa. Our team is well-known for its ace services in the industry. We are members of NADCA and every member of our service and management team is certified by NADCA as well as ASCS’s and VSMR’s ready, which means they are skilled technicians to ready to assist you with your HVAC reparation requirements.

Whatever it may be – vent cleaning, furnace, HVAC, dryers or duct cleaning, Delicatus does it all and also offers sanitizing services. Having had the opportunity of catering to the needs of hundreds of homeowners and businesses in the Ottawa Region, the Delicatus team has been able to successfully gain an insight into the unique features of each building’s HVAC system. We take pride in our quality of work as we have always seen repeat clients for our HVAC cleaning services. Not just our old clients, thanks to our many locations around Ottawa we have managed to grow our clientele with many new clients through positive testimonials and online searches for “air duct cleaning services.”

If you are looking out for duct cleaning professionals and decide to choose Delicatus for your required services, you have made the right choice for your duct cleaning needs.
  • We are a member of NADCA
  • We are accredited by BBB
  • We are voted the best by HomeStars with 9.9 rating on 10
  • We are focused on our core business that is air duct cleaning and vent cleaning
  • Our experts are trained to clean your entire HVAC system and not just a part of it
  • Delicatus charges one flat price and we are transparent about our services’ fees  
  • Our trained technicians use the most potent & advanced tools and equipment like the duct cleaning vacuum trucks patented tools and other equipment for cleaning the whole HVAC system
  • Delicatus offers its customers the best value for their money
  • We are available for our customers at all times and also accommodate urgent requests in our busy schedules
  • Our service staff are certified and insured
  • Our full-service cleaning generally takes only 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the home
Homeowners and business owners are most concerned about dust when they to opt for a professional air duct cleaning service. It is important for property owners to know that time to time cleaning of the air ducts can offer other advantages too. Lessen the need to do dusting: Air duct cleaning can assist in helping to lessen dust in the indoor spaces by removing it from where it travels. Clean air ducts result in hygienic registers, fresh drapes, clean walls, clean rugs, and clean air. Better the quality of air indoors: In today’s day and age, clean air is one of the most important requirements, whether inside or outside. Bearing in mind that generally, individuals spend 90% of their time indoors, an easy and effectual way to watch out for your family’s health is by filtering and improving the air surrounding you that you breathe. Air duct cleaning usually helps in assuaging allergy & asthma symptoms. Helps conserve energy and save money: Pollutants in the cooling and heating system usually result in the system to work harder than normal. Once you get an air duct cleaning done, the system will not have to work too hard to keep up with the preferred temperature. Thus, it will wind up using lesser energy. Prolonged lifespan of the equipment: If you are able to maintain and keep your furnace in topmost functioning order, you will be able to eliminate bigger costly repairs and other unexpected collapses. By doing this, you will be able to extend the life of the equipment.
Furnace Cleaning In order for your home to be spick and span, one must be thorough with all the related details, which means you need to make sure your home furnace is also clean just like the rest of your property. You can without a doubt rely on Delicatus Home Services to have your air ducts completely free of possibly hazardous developed pollutants. Feel free to rely on us for all your furnace cleaning requirements as well. Our team of experts offers fine-quality furnace cleaning services. Most of us fail to realize that furnace cleaning is a crucial share of maintaining your home properly. In fact, you should try and have your home furnace cleaned up regularly just so it continues to work properly, and you can enjoy better air quality. Remember that your furnace and air ducts are connected. So if your furnace is filled with dirt, dust, and other pollutants, your air ducts are too. Dryer duct cleaning Dryer duct cleaning can help you get rid of fire hazards. Most of us are unaware of the potential risks related to a plugged dryer duct. If your dryer duct is constrained, the flow of air also gets restricted making the dryer hotter with a certain scope of the likelihood of overheating the dryer. Lint backlogs are highly combustible when around the electrical gears and warming element, which in turn intensifies the dangers and chance of an internal clothes dryer fire. A regular Delicatus cleaning of an exhaust fan and dryer duct is the best way to considerably decrease this probable fire hazard. We have been offering dryer duct cleaning services to homeowners and property managers for years now. Our solid experience, high-tech equipment and immense knowledge about these services make us the right choice for all dryer duct cleaning requirements.