Delicatus Home Services is specialised in post construction duct cleaning. It dosen’t matter whether the contract is big or small. We are capable to provide best quality services to all and Also we have best equipment and professional technicians to give Quality services.

TSSA Regulation Effective from March 2002

TSSA Regulation mandate states that “If furnace is used for construction heat the contractor is required to clean the furnace and associated duct works

During the construction is going onsite dust,debris and construction material goes inside the heating vents and some builders and contractors do negligence of avoiding the vents dust that creates bad image to the customer. which is not good for long term perceptive.

Our company highly recommends to use air duct cleaning services as its play an very important role in terms of health and for business level benefits.

What we do

After a thorough inspection, our highly trained technicians will clean the drain pans, cooling coils, heat exchangers and fans.Cleaning the components could result in debris, dust, allergens and molds getting into the air ducts that could be subsequently being released into the home if not performed by a trained professional.
Fortunately for our customers, we uses the latest technology that both removes dirt & debris from the ducts and prevents it from being spread through their homes.

Benefits of selecting a good air duct company


Air duct cleaning service is an essential step towards maintaining clean, healthy indoor air. Air duct cleaning removes allergens, bacteria, toxins, dust and other debris from the air inside your home.If the air ducts are properly cleaned, you can help your family avoid illness.

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